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Our doctors and team wish to welcome you to our family of fine patients and to Pediatric Dental Care. Thank you for selecting us to care for your child’s dental needs. We will do everything possible to justify the confidence that you have placed in us. The major portion of our work with you and your child will be in preventing dental disease and aiming towards a lifetime of attractive appearance, comfortable chewing and lower dental repair costs. We want your child to remember each dental visit as a pleasant, positive learning experience. Yes it can be fun!

Dr. John Kelly, Dr. Robert Kilareski, and Dr. G. Matthew Kremser are Pediatric Dentists, dentists specially trained to treat the teeth and mouths of children and teenagers. Pediatric dentists are also qualified to treat patients who have special mental, physical or emotional needs. As you walk into our office, you will notice that the atmosphere is quite unique as our design is centered on reducing the hesitations children have about their dental visits. Parents also have many apprehensions and concerns about a visit to the dentist. Through our website we hope to answer many of the questions you may have about our office policies.


Our office appreciates your promptness in arriving for your child’s dental visit. We reserve a specific time for your child according to their dental needs and level of cooperation. We request that younger, pre-school age children are scheduled early in the day when they are more rested, alert and more receptive to treatment. Please be aware that after school appointment times are limited and in high demand. It may be necessary for your child to miss school for their dental appointment. Dental appointments are excused absences from school and we will gladly provide a school excuse for your child.

We value your time and will do our best to remain on schedule throughout the day. We do ask that you please remember that each child in our office is an individual and some may require more patience and “TLC” than others. We also experience the occasional emergency which may cause delays in our scheduling. We ask for your patience and that you please keep in mind that your child may be the next one needing our extra attention.

As a courtesy, our office will attempt to contact you for confirmation 1-2 days prior to your child’s appointment. However, we do ask that the parents/guardians assume responsibility for their child’s appointment time.

Missed appointments or short term cancellations (within 24 hours) without proper notification can be costly and unfair to other patients who are in need of appointments. Repeated missed appointments of any kind may be subject to dismissal from our practice.

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We make every effort to treat children in pain or who have had an accident as quickly as possible. Our doctors are on call 24 hours a day and can be reached after office hours through our emergency service at 1-800-963-6324. If your child is experiencing pain, we ask that you please place your child’s emergency needs above their school and social schedules and above your own work schedules. Please accept the first appointment that we have available to relieve your child of pain. For the parents of our regularly scheduled patients, we ask for your understanding about any delays this may impose on your appointment time. If it were your child in need of emergency services, you would appreciate the same prompt service, even though it comes at the time sacrifice of others.

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Financial Policy

Payment for professional services is due at the time dental treatment is provided unless prior arrangements have been made with one of our financial coordinators.

Our office accepts cash, checks, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and Care Credit.  

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Dental Insurance

Our office is now participating with certain Cigna and United Concordia insurance plans.  Please contact your insurance provider to see if our office is in network with your Cigna or United Concordia plan. *

We currently participate with the following plans:
United Concordia * Advantage Plus, National Fee for Service & Nittany Network; Cigna*, Delta Dental, Guardian, UPMC for You & UPMC for Kids, Amerihealth, AETNA Better Health, GHP Family & GHP Kids (updated 11-1-2018)

Please be advised that the particular plans we participate are subject to change.  We strongly encourage you to call your insurance company prior to your visit to make sure it is still a valid policy and that the procedures, or a portion of them, are covered. 

We file primary dental insurance claims as a courtesy to our parents. If you should have a secondary insurance, we will provide you with the necessary information for you to file to your secondary carrier. It is essential that you provide us with accurate information in order to file your claim properly.

Please understand that our office does not have a contract with your insurance company – you do. We are not responsible for how your insurance company processes its claims nor do we know what your insurance company will or will not pay on a claim. Our office bases treatment on your child’s dental needs, not what your insurance will pay. We are providing our professional services to your child, not your dental insurance company. Consequently, you are ultimately responsible for payment of services rendered.

Facts Concerning Dental Insurance

Fact 1 – No insurance pays 100% of all procedures

Dental insurance is meant to be an aid in receiving dental care. Many parents think that their dental insurance pays 90% to a 100% of all dental fees. This is not true! Most plans only pay approximately 50% to 80% of the average total fee. Some pay more, some pay less. The percentage is usually determined by how much you or your employer has paid for the coverage or the type of contract your employer has set up with the insurance company.

Fact 2 – Benefits are not determined by our office

You may have noticed that sometimes your dental insurer reimburses you at a lower rate than the dentist’s actual fee. Frequently, insurance companies state that the reimbursement was reduced because your dentist’s fee has exceeded the usual customary, or reasonable fee (“UCR”) used by the insurance company.

A statement such as this gives the impression that any fee greater than the amount paid by the insurance company is unreasonable or well above what most dentists in the area charge for a certain service. This can be very misleading and simply is not accurate.

Insurance companies set their own fee schedule and each company uses a different set of fees they consider allowable. These allowable fees may vary widely because each company collects fee information from claims it processes. The insurance company then takes this data and arbitrarily chooses a level they call the “allowable” UCR fee. Frequently this data can be 3 to 5 years old and these “allowable” fees are set by the insurance company so they can make a net 20% - 30% profit.

Unfortunately, insurance companies imply that your dentist is “overcharging” rather than say that they are “underpaying” for procedures. In general, the less expensive insurance policy will use a lower usual, customary or reasonable (UCR) figure.

Fact 3 – Deductibles & Co-Payments must be considered

When understanding dental benefits, deductibles and co-payment percentages must be considered. To illustrate, assume the fee for service is $150.00. Assuming that the insurance company allows $150.00 as its usual and customary (UCR) fee, you can calculate the benefit that you will be reimbursed. First a deductible (if applicable), on average $50.00, will be subtracted, leaving a $100.00. The plan then pays 80% for this particular procedure. The insurance company will then pay 80% of the $100.00, or $80.00. Of course, if the UCR is less than $150.00 or your plan maybe only pays 50%, then your insurance reimbursement will be significantly lower.

Most importantly, please keep our office informed of any insurance changes such as policy name, insurance company address or a change of employment.

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